A Saucy Double GOLD

Great news at The Fort Wine Co.!!!

Our wonderful Saucy Cranberry Dessert Wine has recently earned a DOUBLE GOLD medal at the All Canadian Wine Championships!! 

Best Wine!

Double Gold; Best in Category

We absolutely love this refreshingly sweet wine, with a wee twist of lemon, served over crushed ice….a perfect sipper as is, or if you want to pick it up a notch, add an ounce of your favourite Vodka, for the best Crantini around.

Experiment and enjoy!



A Note for Janice

As promised – Janice, your order will be arriving at the store Thursday, May 27th.  See you soon.

For everyone else, come and get the most beautiful cranberries you’ve ever seen after Janice picks hers up, of course.

The Garden will Grow

Growing vegetables is a passion of mine.  I long for spring, for it is spring that brings together the perfect harmony of cool rains and a warming sun, and allows you to plant out your seeds and seedlings.   Summer arrives (never soon enough, and gone too soon) and you begin your harvesting of fresh tasty food.  It is so satisfying knowing you played a hand in your own fine nourishment. 

This will be the first year with a vegetable garden at the Fort Wine Co.  What used to be a lumpy, bumpy, spotty lawn in the “corral” is now growing food! 

Wow, can you think of anything better?  Fruit wines made from local fruit paired with vegetables picked that morning?  Now that is the life! 

 Building the garden was a fun event:  We tried to use all materials already on site to build the garden.  The rock wall is made from crumbled cement pieces from a torn up roadway, and the logs that frame the raised beds are from trees fallen on the farm for our new cranberry fields. 

Our neighbours, West Creek Farms, supplied the soil which gives me confidence in this years success (and the soil is beautiful, the worms love it!). 

 As May long weekend has come and gone (the golden gardening weekend!), I have planted out all of the seeds and plots, except for 3 plots saved for tomatoes and peppers.

We have planted small plots of each:




Fava beans

Green onions

Red cabbage



Squash (pumpkins too!)


Greens, lettuce and such



Maze popping corn (it’s purple!)

Brussel sprouts

Swiss chard

Climbing beans

And much more!

 We’ve also planted a number of edible flowers, such as bergamot (Earl Gray) and Calendula.

The seedlings will be coming up in the next few weeks (I hope!) and you are welcome to come and walk around the gardens.  We will be selling our successful produce this summer on the weekends, along with tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and peppers from Kwantlen University.  Please feel free to come see me if you have questions about the garden, or would like a small tour!  I will keep you posted!

May Day!

Monday’s May Day Parade through the streets of Fort Langley was a big success – perfect parade weather and a large crowd. Once again we made an entry which everyone thought looked great. It was our version of our Mighty Fraser label. The S.S. Randy in honor of Captain Randy Muschik, a long time friend of winery owner Captain Wade Bauck.

Well the fun is over and it’s time to get into the cellar and get back to work….

T. Bowman

Wine maker

The Fort Wine Co. Events

There are 2 events coming up at the winery that you might want to know about! Stay tuned for more information in the next few weeks!!!!

Wine Your Engines a car show on Sunday July 25th, 2010 from 12:00-4:00pm. Dress for the Decades is the theme! This new event is co-hosted by CDI College Event Coordinator & Management students. Come out and support the students as they are assisting with this event as part of their course work. This event will be a fundraiser for a worthy cause.

The Cranberry Festival is held every year during the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. This year it will be on Saturday Oct. 9th. Join us at the winery for the Cranberry Harvest demonstration!

stay tuned for updates…….


Summer Sipping

The friendly folks down at The Fort Wine Co. have some new recipes for summer sipping. Come on over and let us show you how to wow your guests or make some simple creations for your own enjoyment after a hard day’s work.

We’ll even let you try a few at the bar and then relax in our garden with your favourite sipper. Order a tray of cheese if you’re hungry and you will want to make The Fort Wine Co. a regular stop off.

We feature Farmhouse Natural Cheese, and are now offering four serving sizes, from a slice with wine tasting to a round for four. The patio is open! Delicious and very reasonably priced!

Captain Bowman’s News

Hello world! Once again I am preparing for one of my favourite adventures – wine events. Gray sky this morning, but I don’t care. Soon I shall be off in pursuit of great wines and good times. It would suit my plan if it rained today. Yes, get it out of the system before Monday (24 May) when it will be time for the May Day parade in Fort Langley. Once again the Fort Wine Company will have a float in the parade reminding everyone to drop by the winery to taste our wine. I love the feel of a small town parade –  the kids from the dance school, the crepe paper flowers, and knowing the people sitting along the curb.  Last year as I walked along, the Mayor called out “Hello Ted!”.  I really felt like I belonged.

Then I am off to greet military visitors from New Zealand who are arriving for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Navy. With a stop at Abbotsford for the Rotary’s Wine and Food Festival (29 May), I’ll be off to the races, so to speak, when I pour wine at the School District Foundation’s Gala event at the Thunderbird Show Park (30 May).  I feel like the March Hare. I am sure I am late for a very important date, and I need to stop by the Mad Hatter and get just the right hat for the gala.

Want to come along?