Langley Eats Local

Saturday August 7th is going to be a great day!

Langley Eats Local event will be held at the Fort Wine Co –  what a fun way to enjoy a Saturday.  Wine and beer tastings will include Dead Frog and Lotusland winery too!

The schedule of events are:

11am – Opens;  vendors, bbq, kids Farm Fun zone

12pm to 1:15pm Robert Harvey and the Gang

1:30pm to 2:15pm Korean Drum Dance team

2:30 to 3:30 Fiddlers

Foodie Movies presented by Green Ideas Network

12:30 to 1:30


2pm to 3pm

Cheese and wine will be served, so don’t miss out on this fantastic day!  More info at


Pick Me, Pick Me!!

Pick Me strawberry wine is back!  And it is better than ever!

For a limited time, we will have our dry strawberry (Bite Me) and our sweet strawberry (Pick Me) available for you.  Once the dry strawberry is gone…it’s gone…so come see us to stock up before it disappears!

Work In Progress..

If you have been around the winery lately you will have seen a lot of work being done in the back, as we finish off our newest batches of Mighty Fraser and Saucy. Throughout this coming week both batches will be bottled and on shelves by early next week.  The newest Valley Girl and Sweet Nothings are next on the agenda, and will soon be joining the new cranberry batches on the shelf.

 T. Bowman

 Wine Maker

Recipe from Rome

Today we were fortunate to have guest that has moved to Canada from Rome, share with us a wonderful summertime pasta recipe that would pair up fantastically a cold glass (or bottle!) of  our Ghost of the Bogs white cranberry wine.


Ingredients:  Fresh tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil and your favourite semolina pasta.

Boil and cook the pasta al dente

While you are cooking the pasta, crush (in crusher, or a quick few zaps in the food processor should do) tomatoes, leaving the skin on.  Blend in fresh minced garlic (to taste), and add freshly chopped basil (to taste).  Spoon over pasta and serve.

Authentic Primavera sauce is to be served uncooked and room temperature, for those hot summer evenings…  A taste of Italy with the perfect glass of cranberry wine.  Quick and easy.  ~Enjoy~

Inaugural Candlelight & Wine

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I’d like to say HI! to all our guests who attended the very first Candlelight & Wine evening at The Fort Wine Co.

The freshly picked and prepared foods were amazing and the wine was refreshing and delicious. I’d say it went well, but then I was the host, so does my opinion count?

A great big thank-you to Jenelle and Maureen for all the thought, planning and implementation in making the evening so special – and to our first guests for your enthusiasm and adventurous spirits.

We enjoyed having you and hope you’ll come back and see us often!